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What Birds Chirp at Night in California

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What Birds Chirp at Night in California? Small birds like owls, nightjars, and migrating song sparrows chirp at night in California. California is a diverse state with a plethora of bird species, some of which are most active during daylight hours.

However, there are a few species of birds that prefer to chirp at night, which is an unusual behavior for most birds. Small birds like owls, nightjars, and migrating song sparrows are some of the birds that are commonly heard chirping at night in California.

The California spotted owl is one such species that chirps during the night. These birds are mostly found in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and their calls are distinct and easily recognizable. Other night-chirping birds that are regularly spotted in California include common poorwills, chuck-will’s-widows, and whip-poor-wills. These birds can be heard throughout California during the summer months and especially during warm, clear nights.

What Mysterious Birds Chirp at Night in California?


Frequently Asked Questions Of What Birds Chirp At Night In California

What Birds Chirp At Night In California?

Several nocturnal birds can be heard chirping at night in California, including the northern saw-whet owl, western screech-owl, and barn owl.

Why Do Birds Chirp At Night?

Some birds chirp at night to communicate with each other, establish or defend a territory, or attract a mate. It can also be a way to warn other birds of potential dangers.

Are Night-Singing Birds Different From Daytime Birds?

Yes, some birds are specifically adapted to sing at night, with bigger eyes, larger eardrums, and more sensitive hearing than their daytime counterparts. Additionally, their songs are often lower in pitch to help carry sound over longer distances.

What Is The Best Time To Hear Birds Chirping At Night?

The best time to hear birds chirping at night varies depending on the species, but generally, it is best to listen after sunset once it is fully dark outside. Some birds, such as the nightingale, may begin singing after midnight.

How Can I Identify A Bird By Its Call At Night?

Identifying a bird by its call at night can be challenging, but you can start by learning some common bird songs and calls. It may also help to use a phone app or field guide to aid in identification. Remember to listen carefully and pay attention to the pitch, rhythm, and repetition of the call.


As the sun sets over California, the daytime chorus of birds fades into a nighttime symphony of chirps and calls. From the familiar sound of the western screech owl to the cheerful melody of the common poorwill, the nocturnal birds of California have their unique way of communicating in the dark.

Knowing which species of birds chirp at night can add a special dimension to your nocturnal nature walks or camping trips. The various birds that chirp at night in California signify the incredible diversity of wildlife in the state and are a testament to the resilience and adaptability of nature.

Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or simply enjoy the sounds of the night, exploring the nocturnal birds in California is an experience not to be missed. So next time you find yourself outside under the stars, take a moment to listen to the birds that chirp at night – who knows what secrets they may be sharing.

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