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What Big Birds Are In Ontario: Explore the Truth

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What Big Birds Are In Ontario? Ontario is home to various big birds such as bald eagles and great blue herons. These birds can be found in lakes, rivers and other wetlands, making Ontario a great place for birdwatchers and nature lovers to explore.

Ontario is a province located in eastern Canada with a diverse range of wildlife. Among its wildlife are many big birds that soar the skies and roam the wetlands. Bald eagles are majestic birds of prey known for their incredible eyesight, wingspan and sharp talons.

They can be spotted near lakes and rivers, especially during the winter months when they hunt for fish. Another big bird that can be found in Ontario is the great blue heron. They are recognizable by their long neck and legs and can be seen wading in shallow waters, looking for fish and insects to eat. Ontario is a great place to explore and catch sightings of these magnificent big birds.

Explore the Majestic Big Birds of Ontario


Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine falcons are a bird of prey found in Ontario. They are well-known for their impressive hunting skills, using their powerful talons to catch prey mid-flight. These birds have a distinctive appearance, with a sharply hooked beak and a dark blue-grey coloring.

Peregrine falcons are typically found near cliffs or large, open spaces where they can easily spot and capture prey. They have a wide distribution throughout Ontario, with populations found in urban and rural areas alike. Unfortunately, these birds are also threatened by habitat loss and pollution.

Despite these challenges, conservation efforts have been successful in helping to increase their population numbers in recent years. An interesting fact about peregrine falcons is that they are the fastest animal on earth, capable of reaching speeds of over 200 mph when diving to catch prey.

Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is a majestic bird, worthy of its mystery and beauty. Its physical characteristics include a large wingspan, brown feathers, and a white head. The eagle’s habitat and behavior are mainly around lakes and rivers, where they hunt for fish.

They can be found throughout Ontario as well as in many other parts of North America. Despite being a once-endangered species, bald eagles are now considered to be of “least concern” by conservationists, thanks in large part to protective efforts by various conservation organizations.

Interesting facts about bald eagles include their ability to reach speeds of up to 80mph while diving for prey, as well as being able to lock their wings in place to conserve energy during long flights.

Sandhill Crane

The Sandhill crane is a large bird with a height of about 4 feet. They have long necks, bald red foreheads, and grey feathers. These birds prefer wetlands including marshes, bogs, and wet meadows as their habitat. They mate for life and are well known for their dancing courtship displays.

Sandhill crane is found in the northern hemisphere around the world. It is a protected species in Ontario and is listed as a species at risk. Sandhill crane can fly up to 8,000 feet high and travel long distances without resting.

They are omnivorous and eat aquatic plants, seeds, insects, and small mammals. Sandhill crane contributes to the ecosystem through seed dispersal and weed control.

Great Blue Heron

The great blue heron is one of the biggest birds in Ontario. It has a distinct physical appearance, with a long neck and legs. Their habitat includes wetlands, marshes, and lakes where they can find plenty of fish. These birds are solitary creatures, and they have a slow, graceful flight.

Great blue herons can be found throughout North America, including Ontario. They are not endangered but face threats due to habitat loss and human disturbance. Interesting fact: great blue herons’ feathers are used as a natural deterrent for other birds’ nests.

Despite their size, they are excellent hunters and can fiercely defend their nests from predators.

Tundra Swan

The tundra swan is one of the largest birds in Ontario. Its physical characteristics include a snow-white plumage, jet-black bill, and a wingspan of up to 6 feet. Tundra swans prefer shallow wetlands and marshes and feed on aquatic plants and small invertebrates.

They can be found throughout Canada, Alaska, and the northern half of the United States during breeding season. However, during winter, they migrate to the southern coastal regions of the United States. Despite being a game bird, tundra swans are protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act due to their conservation status as a species of special concern in Canada.

Interestingly, these birds mate for life and have been documented to travel together.

Wild Turkey

Wild turkeys are large birds with rounded wings and a long tail. They have a small head with a fleshy wattle and a snood, which is a fleshy protuberance that hangs from the forehead. These birds are found in wooded areas and have a preference for oaks and other nut-producing trees.

Wild turkeys roost in trees and fly to the ground in the morning. They have a varied diet, feeding on insects, fruits, nuts, seeds, and even small reptiles. Wild turkeys are native to North America and are found throughout the continent.

Due to overhunting in the past, wild turkeys were once in danger of extinction. However, conservation efforts have led to the successful restoration of wild turkey populations. Did you know that wild turkeys can run at speeds up to 25 miles per hour?

Frequently Asked Questions For What Big Birds Are In Ontario

What Is The Biggest Bird In Ontario?

The biggest bird in Ontario is the trumpeter swan, which can weigh up to 13 kg and has a wingspan of up to 2. 4 metres. They can be found around marshes and lakes in Ontario during the breeding season.

Are There Any Birds Of Prey In Ontario?

Yes, Ontario has several birds of prey, including the bald eagle and the northern goshawk. These raptors hunt and feed on small animals, such as rodents and fish.

Where Can I Spot Sandhill Cranes In Ontario?

Sandhill cranes can be found in wetlands and marshes throughout Ontario during the breeding season. Some of the popular spots to see them include Algonquin Provincial Park, Georgian Bay, and Lake Ontario.

Is It Possible To See A Great Blue Heron In Ontario?

Yes, the great blue heron is a common sight in Ontario. They can be found around lakes, rivers, and marshes. Birdwatchers can spot them in popular birding areas such as the Niagara River and Point Pelee National Park.

Do Owls Live In Ontario?

Yes, Ontario is home to several species of owls, including the great horned owl and the barred owl. These nocturnal birds can be difficult to spot, but can sometimes be seen perched in trees during the day.


Ontario is the perfect destination for bird lovers as it has a rich and diverse population of birds. From impressive eagles to elegantly graceful swans, Ontario has something for everyone. It is a joy to watch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats and appreciate their stunning colors and fascinating behaviors.

Among the big birds in Ontario, the great blue heron is a standout with its tall stature and incredible wingspan. Additionally, the magnificent trumpeter swan proves to be another incredible bird that is worth admiring. Whether you are a bird enthusiast or a nature lover, Ontario provides an incredible opportunity to witness some of North America’s most amazing and fascinating bird species.

Keeping in mind their conservation is essential to ensure the continued existence of these vital and stunning creatures. Overall, Ontario’s diverse and remarkable bird population makes it a must-visit destination for ornithologists and nature aficionados alike.

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