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Effective Methods How to Keep Birds Away From Pool

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Install bird deterrent devices or cover your pool with a pool cover to keep birds away. Birds can be a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but when it comes to your pool, they can be a major nuisance.

Dealing with bird droppings and feathers in your pool is unsightly and can also be a health hazard. Fortunately, several effective ways exist to keep birds away from your swimming pool. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective bird deterrent methods that you can use to keep your pool clean and bird-free.

From artificial predators to bird spikes and pool covers, we will cover everything you need to know to enjoy a bird-free pool experience.

10 Effective Methods to Keep Birds Away from Your Pool


Common birds distracting swimmers include ducks, geese and even larger fowl like seagulls. Their curiosity gets the best of them when pools sparkle. While we appreciate our winged neighbours, critters crowding pools are anything but neighbourly. Rest easy – humane solutions exist to maintain the serenity your summer sanctuary provides.

Block off easy entries around pool perimeters first. Basic fences make loud-and-clear “no birdie zone” boundaries. For speedier species, netting stretched overhead boxed-in areas. Though upfront costs exist, durable materials endure the hot sun sans fail year after year, paying themselves off in relaxing seasons to come. Blocking walk-in entrances deters pesky plumes and unwanted hopping guests like rabbits seeking a dip.

Flashy blinking accents hanging the perimeter also keep most critters guessing. Their twinkling reflections dancing in the breeze baffle feather-brains, deciding the pool ain’t the place to be. Costumed decoys like inflatable hawks perched poolside dupe fowl into thinking predators lurk. Place props front-and-centre for visible vanishing acts discouraging unwanted loiterers.

Mimicking wildlife distress calls through motion-activated speakers gently convinces birds their company isn’t wanted either. Fine for human conversations under clear skies. Sparking fireworks only if truly stubborn intruders invade works without disrupting others. Safety first, though – don’t sing tail feathers or ruffle human neighbours!

The scent also sways feathered friends. Fragrant plant-power-like calming lavender calms human noses while puzzling avian intruders puzzling. Citrus-scented candles piggyback summer zests wafting around airspace, saying, “This ain’t for you, bird brain!” Their mysteries cue critters to keep it moving with minimal effort by you.

Besides blocking walk-ins and bracing doorbells, ensuring insects leave buffets unvisited helps, too. Maintain pools pristine through chlorination prohibits bug smorgasbords luring unwanted diners. Trim surrounding greenery, minimizing six-legged snacks and summoning wings-seeking bargains. Cleanliness alone convinces many birds their presence brings more trouble than it’s worth.

When winged creatures become unwelcome regulars, regardless, call specialists. Professionals humanely resolve repeat offenders case-by-case within regulations. Environmentally-minded outfits help homeowners discourage interruptions without inflicting injury.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Keep Birds Away From Pool

How Can I Keep Birds Away From My Pool Without Harming Them?

A few options include installing bird netting, using scare tactics like visual deterrents or predator decoys, and planting bird-repelling vegetation around the pool area. It’s important to remember not to harm the birds in the process.

What Are Some Natural Bird Deterrents I Can Use For My Pool?

Natural bird deterrents include shiny objects like CDs or aluminium foil, wind chimes, and fake eyes or owls to scare away the birds. Additionally, planting bird-repelling plants like citronella, lemongrass, or lavender can help keep birds at bay.

Are There Any Pool Accessories That Can Prevent Birds From Landing?

Yes, a few pool accessories can help keep the birds away, including a solar-powered bird repeller that emits ultrasonic sound waves to frighten the birds away and a pool cover or blanket that covers the water entirely to discourage birds from landing on the surface.


To keep birds away from your pool, you need a combination approach of prevention, deterrence, and exclusion. Using pool covers, bird repellents, visual and audio cues, and planting bird-repelling plants can keep your pool area bird-free. Keep your pool area clean, eliminate food and water sources, and properly dispose of trash.

Following these simple and effective methods allows you to enjoy your pool without worrying about pesky birds ruining your fun. Remember always to be mindful of local wildlife regulations and considerate of the environment when implementing these bird control measures.

With a little effort and attention to detail, you can efficiently and humanely keep birds away from your pool area.

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