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Can Birds Nest in Wall Cavity: Hidden Dangers

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Can Birds Nest in Wall Cavity? Yes, birds can nest in wall cavities. It’s a common problem faced by many homeowners.

Birds build their nests in small cavities, such as wall cavities, which offer protection from predators and the elements. While this can be a beautiful sight to behold, it can also cause problems such as damage to the structure of the building and an unpleasant odor caused by bird droppings.

In addition, birds can also attract pests such as mites and fleas. Therefore, it’s important to take measures to prevent birds from nesting in wall cavities. This can be done by sealing off any openings or installing nesting deterrents such as spikes or netting.

Frequently Asked Questions For Can Birds Nest In Wall Cavity

What Birds Are Likely To Nest In Wall Cavities?

Some common bird species that nest in wall cavities include house sparrows, starlings, and swallows. The type of bird that chooses to nest in a wall cavity may vary depending on the region, climate, and the presence of suitable nesting sites.

How Do Birds Access Wall Cavities?

Birds can access wall cavities through small openings or vents. They also can make their way through existing holes or cracks in the outer walls of a building. Once inside, they create a nest using a variety of materials, such as grass, twigs, and feathers.

Can Birds Nesting In Wall Cavities Cause Damage?

Yes, birds nesting in wall cavities can cause damage to the building. They may create openings or enlarge existing ones, which can lead to water damage or allow other pests to enter. Additionally, bird droppings and feathers can build up in wall cavities, which can create health hazards and unpleasant odors.

How Can I Prevent Birds From Nesting In Wall Cavities?

Prevention methods include sealing any potential entry points birds may use to access wall cavities, such as vents and holes. Adding bird spikes to window ledges and roof eaves also can prevent birds from landing and gaining access. Additionally, professionals can install bird netting or bird repellent sprays to discourage birds from nesting in wall cavities.

What Should I Do If Birds Are Already Nesting In My Wall Cavity?

If birds already are nesting in your wall cavity, it is important to avoid disturbing them. Many bird species are protected by law, and disturbing them can result in penalties. Wait until the birds have left the nest before sealing any entry points and cleaning up any nesting materials.

Seek the help of a professional wildlife removal company if you are unsure how to proceed.


Discovering a bird’s nest in the wall cavity of our home can be both fascinating and problematic. While it is natural for birds to seek shelter and make nests in various areas, including inside walls, it can result in damaging the structure of our home.

Identifying the problem early on is crucial to avoid further complications and potential health hazards. One should be cautious when removing the nest on their own and consider seeking professional help. Prevention is better than cure, and taking steps to deter birds from nesting in wall cavities can save us time, money and possible frustration.

Overall, coexisting with nature’s creatures is possible, and with proper care, we can minimize the impact of their presence in our dwellings and continue to appreciate their beauty and contribution to our ecosystem.

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