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Eva N. Russel

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Eva N. Russel

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How to Cure Sour Crop in Birds: Expert Tips

To treat sour crop in birds, withhold all food and water for 12-24 hours, then offer small amounts...

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Yes, birds can eat Twizzlers, but it is not recommended to feed them such processed and sugary...

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The harpy eagle is a bird like a lion. With its powerful talons and fierce hunting skills, the harpy...

How to Deal With Aggressive Wild Birds – Your Ultimate Guide!

To deal with aggressive wild birds, avoid direct eye contact and slowly back away. Wild birds may...

Surprising Science: Birds Giving Birth Without Mating

No, birds cannot give birth without mating. They need to copulate to fertilize the egg before laying...

5 Foolproof Tactics – How to Protect Grass Seed From Birds

To protect grass seed from birds, cover the area with a thin layer of netting or mesh. Protecting...